Update group names

From the groups section of the Admin Control Panel, you can now change a group's name.

Edit name

"Delayed" emails will now update to "delivered"

Sometimes email communications can't be sent to individual recipients on the first try—usually due to temporary issues on the email provider's end. In those cases, our system will automatically reattempt delivery at periodic intervals.

The status for those recipients will now be updated to "delivered" when the delivery succeeds, instead of remaining indefinitely on "delayed."

Manage individual occurrences of repeating events

We're excited to introduce one of our most-anticipated requests! You can now edit and delete individual occurrences of a repeating event, rather than modifying the series as a whole. When editing an occurrence of a repeating event, you'll see two update buttons:

Update buttons

Similarly, you'll see the following two buttons when deleting an occurrence of a repeating event:

Delete buttons

Increased max location field length

An event's location field can now contain up to 100 characters of text (up from 50).

Automatic bank account payments

You can now use a bank account to pay for your website's subscription! Automatic bank account payments are faster, more secure, and less prone to issues vs. mailed checks, so we highly recommend switching to this new option if your community is currently paying with mailed checks.

Extra address detail

You can now require an extra address detail to be specified—like lot number or section number—for addresses in your community. This can be enabled by selecting a type of extra address detail to request in the settings section of the Admin Control Panel.

The extra address detail will be displayed alongside addresses, in several places across your website:

Support for alternate locations

Most communities are contained entirely within one location (for U.S. communities, we're referring to the combination of city, state, and ZIP code).

However, some communities have addresses that span across multiple locations. We now offer full support for this setup through our new alternate locations feature!

To supplement a community's primary location, alternate locations can be added in the settings section of the Admin Control Panel:

Afterward, whenever an "inside the community" address is being added or edited, a choice of location will be presented:

Fixed dropped "new event" emails

We fixed a rare, but pesky, bug that would cause automatically generated "new event" emails to sometimes disappear. The event would be created, but the email announcement would not be sent.

"Skipped" indicator in communication log

Now in the communication log, where admins can see each recipient, a new icon will indicate when we skipped sending a message because of that member's contact preferences.

Multiple community addresses now shown

For members in an account with multiple community addresses, rather than simply displaying "Multiple" in the "Community Address" column in the members section, it will now list each address on its own line.

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