Upload images to our Markdown editor

Now you can upload images directly into our Markdown editor, without having to upload those images elsewhere first. Clicking the image icon will bring up a file selection window; after choosing a file, the image will be uploaded and the Markdown syntax will be automatically inserted.

Upload images to Markdown editor

Start page as unpublished

When creating a new page, you now have the option of choosing whether this page should begin as published or unpublished.

Published choice

Warning for two people as one member

We noticed about 1% of new registrations had two people in a single member profile, by using both names in the "first name" field. To address this confusion, we now nudge people toward adding a second member instead.

Warning message

More responsive searching

Search bars across the website are less likely to freeze momentarily whenever you're searching longer lists of data—especially on slower devices.

Better handling of different quote styles

Now when sorting people by name, or when forming an account's consolidated name (e.g. "Jane & John Doe"), differing styles of quotes won't affect the feature's behavior. This is especially helpful when two last names are otherwise identical, except for the style of single quotes they use (' vs. ’).

Transfer documents

You can now quickly transfer a document from one "documents" page to another.

Transfer documents

Merge accounts

Accounts can now be merged together! This is useful for correcting disjointed data where related members and/or addresses are split across separate accounts.

Merge accounts

Reveal/hide masked inputs

You can now toggle masked inputs between hidden and revealed, by clicking the new link next to masked input labels. This is especially useful for spotting typos.

Reveal password

Improved payment option announcements

To match the design of our new survey announcement feature, online payment options can now be announced using a similar button. Moving the feature out of the creation step gives admins more time and flexibility to announce the payment option when it's best.

Announce payment options

Announce surveys via email

You can now announce surveys quickly-and-easily using our new "announce" feature!

Announce surveys

No published changelogs yet.

Surely HOA Express will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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